Joy 18-inch retro Doll
Joy package detail
Joy 18-inch retro Doll
Joy package detail


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It's time for charming vintage fun with this 18-inch retro doll!

Looking delightful! All ready for our retro tea party!
From uptown tea to downtown sightseeing, you’ll be strolling in style with Our Generation Retro Doll- Joy! This beautiful 18-inch doll is perfectly put-together in a vintage-inspired outfit reminiscent of 1940s style.
Because this generation of girls is here to stay. (Yet, we’re constantly on the go!) Whether we’re bopping at the sock hop to our favorite tunes or having tea for two, we’re chasing our dreams and having fun doing it. This world is ours for the taking – we just have to go and get it. This is our time. This is our story.

Retro Fashion Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!

What makes an Our Generation girl special? Many things of course, but the most important one is that we’re kind to others and we love our friends!

Joy has beautiful gray-blue eyes and straight, shoulder-length red hair that she wears tied with a pretty and chic hair bow. Her charming dress has a peach-colored bodice with a satin finish and four black buttons, a peach waistband, and a full black skirt. She wears pretty white gloves and fancy t-strap shoes for an altogether delightful and charming look. Invite Joy to your next tea party or take her for a stroll in the park!

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There’s a whole world of imagination and play to discover with the Our Generation Retro Collection!
Joy loves to dress in just the right outfit for every occasion. For a picnic in the park, dress Joy in the Picnic Chic outfit and be perfectly on-theme for a day nibbling delicious treats on the grassy banks.
When it’s time for a more formal occasion, Joy would look lovely in the Sweet Memories outfit featuring a veiled hair fascinator, satin-finish skirt, and sweet handbag.

7.00 inch x 4.00 inch x 18.00 inch

Small parts.

Not for children under 3 years.
Comes with:

    All About Joy

  • 18-inch non-posable Retro Doll with red hair & gray-blue eyes
  • Includes doll, dress, undies, tights, gloves, headband, and fancy shoes
  • Part of the OG Retro Collection!
  • Compatible with most 18-inch dolls including American Girl and Journey Girl
  • Suggested for Age 3+ (small parts)
  • No batteries required